Buyer Disclosure

Buyer Disclosure

As a prospective business buyer, you should understand that, as business brokers, we represent and are paid by the sellers who have employed us to sell their businesses.

We are obligated, by law, to act primarily for the seller’s (our client’s) benefit.

However, we also want you to know that it is our policy, as well as a legal requirement, that we treat you fairly and honestly.

We can provide you with valuable market information on businesses that we offer for sale, education in the business buying process, and assistance in buying a business.

Here are some other ways we can help you

  • We can show you businesses that are listed with our firm, helping you to develop an understanding of how businesses are priced. We will also offer you a choice of businesses to consider purchasing.
  • We will disclose to you material facts we know about the businesses we have available.
  • We will promptly submit all your offers as instructed by the seller. We will promptly transmit all of the seller’s responses back to you.
  • As business brokers, we are not qualified to advise you on legal or accounting matters. We can, however, guide you through the transaction. We will provide you with information on how to engage attorneys, accountants, and other professionals who may be of assistance to you.
  • We offer businesses for sale without regard to the race, creed or sex of the parties involved.

It is our goal to treat you fairly and with the highest level of competence.

Please obtain a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality form here.